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I’ve always thought that good photography was the perfect blend of technical “know how” and art. Part of what I do for clients is to make sure we follow the right steps to get sharp, well lit images onto the camera’s memory card. But the other part is working to find new ways to see our subjects and to create visual styles that help our collaborative work stand out in the crowd. Sometimes this means finding a new approach but many times the important part of my job is establishing a good rapport with the person on the other side of my camera.


And there usually is a person on the other side of my camera because I am, at heart, a portrait photographer and have been making photographs of working people, executives and even presidents since 1988. Most of my work is done for companies and large organizations.


My clients call on me for lots of different imaging needs. Some need “headshots” for websites, others need great location work for annual reports while others need images that reflect and enhance their brands. Many of my smaller clients expect me to be good at a wide range of imaging; from shooting food and products to conducting video interviews with their key people and clients.


Early in my career I worked as a teaching assistant for three top commercial photographers at the University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts. I learned to use all sorts of weird and wonderful cameras like 8 inch by 10 inch sheet film camers. The three instructors taught me the nuances of lighting, and how to run a photography business.


I ended up teaching at UT Austin until I was lured into the advertising business where I worked as a creative director in charge of televison, radio and print. Even though we won Addy Awards for our work my heart was always with the cameras. I left the ad agency in 1988 to become a full time commercial photographer.


Since then I have written and illustrated five very popular non-fiction photography books for publisher, Amherst Meda. I am an instructor for online educator, and over 150,000 people have taken one or more of my video courses. Writing the books reinforced my knowledge of lighting while being on the other side of a video camera for days at a time taught me just how tough it is to be the “talent”, and how detailed video production needs to be.


I have worked all over the world, in places like Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Portugal, Paris, Rome, Mexico City and St. Petersburg, Russia. And I never get tired of making photographs. I love meeting people, getting to know them and then photographing them with respect and as much skill as I can.


If you need photography or video for your marketing and advertising please call. We’ve been practicing…


Thanks!  Kirk Tuck