Video is the fastest growing, and most immersive, 

advertising and marketing tool. 

Great motion content shouldn’t cost a fortune. 

But it does have to sound good, look good, 

and tell a great story.

While some clients still need big production, big budget television commercials I concentrate on providing   great video content that’s right-sized for your web use, for presentations in meetings, and at your industry events. 

My goal is to make video with impact, that tells an 

authentic story, and looks great on multiple platforms.

So, what’s my process? The same technical advances that put so much power in phones and tablets is also driving video production. New cameras are smaller and easier to handle while delivering better results. This means the large crews that were typical in past generations of video production can be slimmed down. A lot. It means we can work on scenes with multiple cameras, simultaneously, for more efficient coverage.  

I  work with small crews. On a typical interview project I’ll work with one assistant. I own the gear we use so we know it well.  Most of our recent projects have been unscripted interviews, which require delicate, but steady, direction. 

We try to create spaces/situations in which interviewees can feel comfortable to tell their authentic stories. By keeping the crew small there’s greater sense of intimacy, and the “real people” in front of our cameras aren’t overwhelmed  by the hustle and spectacle of big productions.

We believe in capturing content that doesn’t become quickly obsolete so we  shoot our videos in 4K resolution. All of our shooting cameras are 4K or 6K.  Since every project you do is different we match the gear to your job parameters.  We don’t match your job to our gear.

 Good sound is critical so we bring a selection of hand-picked microphones and support audio gear to your projects. We choose microphones the way carpenters choose tools. If we need lavaliere microphones we select those. If we need shotgun microphones we have an array  to choose from.  We want your project to “look” good to your ears as well as to your eyes.

While “available light” can work in some instances we know that you’ll need much of your content  well  lit. I’ve written three technical books on lighting for photographers and understand how to light quickly and beautifully. To do it well I’ve invested in a number of state-of-the-art LED lights that deliver perfect color without excess heat. With cool, comfortable lighting subjects can focus on their interviews without distraction. 

Smaller crews and practiced efficiency means you’ll spend less on production and have more resources left for your editing process. 

Not every project needs to be a big deal but all of them should look and sound like they were. And while we’re working on your video you might need some great still photos to match. We’re ready to do that as well. It’s that “full service” thing…

 Kirk Tuck Photography and Video.   E-mail:  

Phone: 512-328-8881.  Austin, Texas U.S.A.